Maria Gretzer, Coach for the Swedish National Show jumping team.
I am supersatisfied with my Strongvoice Wireless!

Pether Markne, A-coach Dressage & Show jumping, Rode the Olympic Games, World Championship & European Championship in dressage, Expert-commentator in TV.
The development constantly progresses. Strongvoice products is a proof of that. High quality for less money!

Piia Pantsu, Coach Show jumping & Eventing, Medallist in Eventing at the World Championships riding for Finland, rode the Olympic Games, World Championships & The European Championships.
I am completely dependent on Strongvoice products. Good sound and no echo, better focus during lessons both for me and my students. 

Marianne Essen Söderberg, Ridschool Strömsholm.
Strongvoice Wireless One-Way communication is an appreciated product that works!

Linda Algotsson, Coach Equestrian & Swedish National Team Rider at Eventing, represented Sweden 4 times in the Olympic Championship, medallist in the European Championships.
Strongvoice Wireless is easy to use and comes pre-programmed. Very good fit on the earphone, even for small ears. Good range on the paddock and very flexible when I have a lot of students. Headset for teachers/instructors is very convenient as you can have both of your hands free when for example building obstacles.
I am super satisfied with my Strongvoice Wireless!

Björn Carlsson, Active A-instructor och A-Course designer. Coach of the year 2008, Swedish National Championship Gold-medal.
Strongvoice One-Way Communication is very good, especially outside. Good reach which makes the communication better with my students. 

Louise Haaga, A-coach Show jumping & national coach at Pony/Show jumping
I like to product for a number of reasons;
- I never loose any of my instructions due to loud weather, such as wind.
- The students can be fully concentrated as they don’t need to turn their heads towards me to hear what I am saying.
- An interesting reflection is that suddenly the practices are much better, are results increased significantly.
- The students also experience that its very good that they can hear everything I say too others which means that they get a clearer picture of what the exercise is about.
- I save the straining on my voice.

Jenny Karlsson, Head of School at Ljungby Ridklubb
We are very satisfied with Strongvoice Wireless! All students can hear what us instructors are saying and therefore the lessons becomes calmer and effective. 

Jennifer Carlegrim, Head of School at Norrköpings Fältrittklubb
At first there were nothing, then came a Voice amplifier and now Strongvoice Wireless. I would never go back to Voice Amplifier. I can really make myself heard among everyone and there is no need to strain your voice. The lessons becomes much more calmer and focused. 

Rune Lemon, Guide
I use Strongvoice Voice Amplifier and I am very satisfied, I've recommended them to all my colleagues. 

Jan-Åke Johansson, Manager of Operations at Borgholms Castle
STRONGVOICE Voice Amplifier works very well, I use it both professionaly and and during my free times ride lessons.

Sveriges Equestrian High School, Svedala
We have been very satisfied with Strongvoice Voice Amplifier and it works much better than the one we had before. 

Magnus Hedin, Virestad & Hörlundas Congregation
I think the STRONGVOICE Voice Amplifier is very flexible and easy in its use, which is its biggest advantage. It is also very easy to carry with you. 

Marie Smyth, Rehab Herrljunga municipality
STRONGVOICE Voice Amplifier works excellent, especially in our bigger group exercises. 

Irene Torstensson, Malmö Riding Club
We use Strongvoice Wireless (One-Way Communication). Instructors think its very comfortable not to strain their voices and the system works both excellent with adults and younger students. 

Mariethe Ehnlund, Riding instructor
Discreet and comfortable for the student, whom can hear clearly what the instructors is saying.
-User of Strongvoice Wireless, One-Way Communication.

Reneé Ilvonen, Instructor at Hölö Riding School
The product works very well!

Åmål Trotschool
"We are satisfied with Strongvoice One-Way Communication which we use in our Trot Courses at Åmål Trotschool" says Lena Karlsson, Manager of Training at the course.