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Strongvoice products that facilitate and simplify your communication with others.
Products that amplify your voice and simplify communication between individuals & groups.

We have and receive a very positive response from many customers and various professional categories. Products that make your communication much easier and better.
Strongvoice products are very popular and appreciated!

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Pether Markne, Expert commentator on TV
"Development is moving forward all the time. Strongvoice products are proof of that. High quality for less money!"

Maria Gretzer, former national team captain of the Swedish National Jumping Team
"I am super happy with my Strongvoice Wireless!"

Trädgårdsföreningen i Göteborg, one of Europe's best-preserved 19th-century parks.
"The guide system from Strongvoice works great and is very good for both participants and our guides.
The system is user-friendly, has excellent sound and all our participants can hear what is being said."

Skara Pastorate
"We use voice amplifiers in Varnhem's Klosterkyrka and outdoors around the ruins.
The voice amplifiers are great! Just right for the purpose, with good tone in the sound, easy to carry and use.
Thanks for a great product!"

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Voice Amplifier

The voice amplifiers are categorized
into 5 categories.
The categories are divided from the voice amplifiers output power. 

Our voice amplifiers are a highly valued and popular product.

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Guide Systems

Strong Voice offers and delivers complete Guide Systems according to your demands.

We supply Guide System to many different branches such as Museums, Tour operators, Professional Guides, Factories, Zoo, Churches and many more.

Our Guide Systems are of high quality with very good sound with user friendly devices and accessories.
Moreover, we can offer very competitive prices!

Guide systems are divided into the following categories


Wireless Communication

Strongvoice offers a wide range of different wireless communication systems.
Please click on desired system down below for more information.

One Way Communication

Two Way communication


Wireless Microphones



William Kilander, Photographer & Tour Guide
"Want to take the opportunity to praise my Voice Amplifier that I had on a tour guide assignment in Cuba.
Both I and my clients were/are super satisfied!"

Botan's friends (Friends' Association for the Botanical Garden at Lund University)
"We are very very satisfied with the Guide system from Strongvoice.
The sound is excellent and especially the elderly feel the sound is very good.
We highly recommend the Strongvoice Guide system."

MP companies Industri AB
"We use the Strongvoice guide system when we have tours in our factory.
The sound is very good and the system works great for our needs and at a good price."

Kristel Riissanen - Dog trainer
"Used my Strongvoice Voice Amplifier yesterday and today at the dog training in a large hall, worked great, very satisfied!"



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