our Guide Systems

Strong Voice offers and delivers complete Guide Systems according to your demands.

We supply Guide System across Europe and to different branches such as Museums, Tour operators, Professional Guides, IFactories, Zoo, churches and many more.

Our Guide Systems are of high quality with very good sound with user friendly devices and accessories.
Moreover, we can offer very competitive prices!

Guide systems are divided into the following categories

  • One Way communication
  • Two Way Communication
  • Audio Guide System

The Guide Systems include everything needed ; 
transmitters, receivers, microphones, earphones, charging / storage bag and necklace.

The transmitter for One Way and Two Way Guide System can be connected to an unlimited amount of receivers. Many customers use Strongvoice Wireless for groups containing 10-20 students/listeners.

The units are small, convenient and very easy to attach to the body.
They are rechargeable and can be used for approximately up to 16 hours. The range reaches up to 100 meters and keeps a very high sound quality.
We can also offer a battery time up to 32 hours.

The guide systems are CE and RoHS certified.

If you wish other options of our Guide Systems or for more information so please contact us at

tel.nr 072-571 05 01 and / or via email info@strongvoice.se

If you wish other options or need more information, please contact us on

tel.nr   +46 72 571 05 01
mail     info@strongvoice.se