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Audio Guide System

Vi erbjuder och skräddarsyr kompletta Audio Guide System efter era önskemål.

Audio Guide System plays recorded audio files such as voice files, and the user chooses by keystrokes on their user device what should be played and listened to.

The listener goes to different "stations" and plays the information (audio / voice file) that apply for each station. Each station has a number that is then pressed on the device and the voice file is then played.
You can store / use up to 999 different stations and use  many different languages.

The storage capacity of the unit amounts to 2 GB.

Audio files is transferred through USB memory.

The listener hears through an earphone that is connected to the user unit.
The user unit is robust and user friendly.

The system consists of any number of receivers. The range is up to 300 meters and the sound is of very good quality.

Audio guide system can be used for an unlimited number of devices. Many use the system to groups from 5 up to 100 people / listeners.

The Audio Guide System includes everything needed:
user device, earphones, USB memory, and loading- and storage bag.


  • works with unlimited number of user devices.
  • the user device is made of robust and resistant shell for long life time.
  • number display on the user device.
  • Led screen showing various languages and files (stations).
  • 2 GB of storage space in each unit.
  • can handle many different languages.
  • can handle up to 999 different stations.
  • user friendly devices.
  • with reachargeble Lithium batteries.
  • charging and storage bag
  • battery time up to 30 hours
  • standard 3.5 mm output jack for earphones

If you wish other options or need more information, please contact us on   +46 72 571 05 01

           Audio Guide System 20 user units

            20 pieces of user units
            20 pieces of earphones
              5 pieces USB memory

             1 piece  charging and storage bag

             Price 22.975 kr excl. VAT 25% and freight.

           Audio Guide System 40 user units

            40 pieces of user units
            40 pieces of earphones
              5 pieces USB memory

              2 pieces  charging and storage bag

             Price  39.975 kr excl. VAT 25% and freight.

           Audio Guide System 50 user units

            50 pieces of user units
            50 pieces of earphones
              5 pieces USB memory

              2 pieces  charging and storage bag

             Price  49.975 kr excl. VAT 25% and freight.